Friday, January 2, 2015

The Very First Vertical Farming Workshop

My second video-blog is a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

While talking about the very first vertical farming workshop in New York, I tested my improv-skills, my video-edit-skills and of patience. Damn, video editing is a lot of work. But it's fun! Check out the result:

(Ow yeah, and because of copyright, this video is blocked in Germany. Sorry German friends.)

So, like before. Any Feedback on the video is VERY welcome. Due to a couple of honest friends I already learned this:
  • Need better preparation, my story-telling-skills aren't good enough yet to do a decent improv.
  • My stories need to be shorter and more to the point.
Enjoy and see you guys later!

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  1. HAHA! Thanks for this video and for coming to the workshop! So glad to hear you enjoyed it and made the trip (by boat) to NYC.

    Keep growing brother!


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